Contract manufacturing

Zias Machinery offers all the interested partners a new range of services for contract manufacturing of certified stamped products bearing your brand name at prices that are favorable to you!

Thousands of companies around the world choose contract manufacturing as a solution for business processes optimization. Both the beginners in the manufacturing industry and the giants in the market understand that organization of an in-house complete production cycle requires significant investment and time. Under the current market conditions it is very profitable to define the style of a company by creating products bearing its own brand, which makes it possible to "tie" the buyer to the company in a particular product group, as well as to act successfully in a competitive environment. Zias Machinery is ready to accompany the customer from the birth of an idea to its complete implementation in detail. For contractual cooperation we have all the opportunities for development of the drawing documentation, manufacture of the tooling and actual manufacture of products.


  • You have a new idea, but before you implement it you want to know what it will be like in real life, and only then you will buy the production lines. The best solution is a contract manufacturer! It's definitely convenient and less expensive;
  • You have a project, but the organization of your own production requires significant investment and time. Considerable competition and the rapid development of the market leave no time for procrastination. A contract manufacturer is the best solution! It will settle all the issues for you;
  • A contract manufacturer implies some established links in the market and the necessary equipment, so it leads to a favorable price, timeliness of production, high quality. It is always a reliable partner, as it values its customers under the conditions of considerable competition of contract manufacturers;
  • The after-sales services and the comprehensive technical support for the customer are an essential element in the work of a contract manufacturer;
  • Availability of information about the product and transparent cooperation are important components of relations of the contract manufacturer and the customer. You will always be aware of the entire production cycle while getting information from the Zias Machinery manager who is keeping your project on track.


  • Over 10 years of experience in sheet metal processing;
  • Highly qualified staff: designers, production workers;
  • Management of a complete production cycle: from your idea expressed on paper to implementation by us;
  • Well-established links in the rolled steel market;
  • Great manufacturing capabilities expressed in the capacity of our modern equipment;
  • Equipment warranty and after-sales services;
  • Certified products;
  • Participation in many exhibitions and events.

We are interested in developing long-term partnerships, that is why we offer high-quality services that can satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements.