Metal sheds

Metal household outbuildings have long proved to be reliable and durable structures.

Their advantages over capital structures:

  • Easy to transport, even by car — in compact boxes.
  • Quick assembly. Two persons can assemble them within 3-5 hours.
  • Aesthetic appearance - profiled metal in the form of siding.
  • Do not rust. The metal has several protection layers: galvanized + powder coating.
  • Do not require annual painting, easily washed just with water.
  • Chemically resistant to almost all aggressive household substances.
  • Do not change their color. The powder coating is fade resistant compared to any enamels.
  • A convenient sliding door, which increases the effective area.
  • Ventilated, which ensures the dry internal space.

Main applications of metal sheds:

  • To accommodate a pump station.
  • When it is needed to restrict access to the well and make it safe and give a good look or protect from litter, dirt and rain water.
  • To improve the access to the underground vegetable store.
  • To keep pool equipment and accessories and improve the access to water treatment facilities.
  • To keep an electric generator, compressor, gas cylinder and avoid the noise of operating equipment.
  • To remove outdoor furniture, a barbecue or grill and other utensils.
  • To store a lawn mower, mini tractor and garden equipment.
  • To store sports equipment (bikes, skis, snowboards, sledges, etc.).
  • To use as a storage — to keep soil, seeds, seedlings and plants.
  • To dry and keep firewood, coal, sawdust and hay.
  • Such household outbuildings are also convenient for keeping seasonal tires.