The “Arch” greenhouse is designed to create the microclimate favorable for the cultivation of horticultural crops in suburban backyards.

The greenhouse can be of different length, at the customer’s choice. The required length of the greenhouse is provided by additional packages with extending inserts. Each insert extends the basic set of the greenhouse by 2 m. The length of the basic set is 4 m. The height of the fixed greenhouse frame is 2 m. The greenhouse frame is made of galvanized steel tubes and can be assembled using clamps, bolts and nuts.

Features and benefits of the greenhouses:

  • Quick assembling by OWN EFFORTS — 2-3 hours due to the maximum number of unique elements.
  • A wide door of 1 meter — a cart, walking tractor or rototiller can easily pass through it.
  • Convenient care of plants — 2 doors at the ends.
  • Good ventilation and pollination of plants — 2 small windows.
  • Simple extension of the greenhouse in increments of 2 m by acquisition and installation of additional frame elements.
  • Good stiffness and strength due to X-shaped clamps — up to 350 kg/sq. m.
  • Long service life — up to 15 years due to the galvanized frame.
  • Low price due to the mass production.