About us

We are specializing in fabrication of diverse items through cold forming and sheet steel rolling processes, as well as manufacturing dies, press tools, and high-precision items.  

We presently single out the following key industry-specific

  • Availability of copious engineering capabilities including over 30 stamping press packages featuring force of 30 to 500 tons, over 10 rolling mills for fabrication of variety of sections, from simple C-shape to complex curved profiles having large overall dimensions, as well as slitting and squaring shears and guillotines;
  • Availability of advanced tools making facilities outfitted with turning and milling CNC-machine tools, electrosparking wire-cutting machines, and universal machine tools: turning, milling, cylindrical grinding, face grinding, bandsawing, drilling, etc.;
  • Availability of heat treatment shop equipped with up-to-date heat treatment line;
  • Our own design engineering department having vast expertise in design of all types of rigging allows us drawing up engineering documentation and modeling future items to good quality;
  • The quality assurance system complying with European standards and supreme monitoring of compliance with the process technology at all manufacturing stages;
  • High-level automation and efficient internal logistics;
  • Availability of highly skilled engineering staff.

Cooperating with us you will get:

  • suitable and clear communication means;
  • abilities to negotiate at owners level and gain a long-term and reliable partner understanding development strategy in consideration of your plans and prospects;
  • abilities to gar fair financial cooperation terms and conditions;
  • no problems with delays or risks due to international logistics and customs clearance;
  • capabilities of solving problems in the Russian jurisdiction, in the worst-case scenario;
  • guaranteed stability and integrity of manufacturing processes;
  • indemnity of direct or even indirect losses due to problems linked to the product quality ot failure to meet the delivery dates;
  • regular planning of production yield and arrangement of the purchasing system, forecasting of required production facilities and other basic stages of process engineering;
  • manufacturing capacities sufficient for execution of customer's project and potential for growth and supported by requisite equipment;
  • highly skilled engineer staff for design engineering in order to reduce operating costs (improving automation, product redesign for manufacturability improvement, etc.);
  • capabilities of tight control of production process and performance of commitments owing to attending our manufacturing facilities by your representing employees.

Zias Machinery is new capabilities in your business development

Our partners dominate in some industries such as:

  • Automotive industry;
  • Medical device industry;
  • Civil construction industry;
  • Domestic appliances and consume good manufacture.

Репортаж о нашем предприятии вышел на телеканале НТВ в программе «Деловое утро НТВ».