Zias Machinery is one of the largest Russian sheet metal forming facilities. The Company has been operating in the metalware market for over 10 years now using only high-quality advanced machinery and is capable of working up to 5,000 tons of sheet metal a year. 
We are specializing in fabrication of diverse items through cold forming and sheet steel rolling processes, as well as manufacturing dies, press tools, and high-precision items. 

Principles of cooperation integrity we are committed to:

  • relations transparency, concerted addressing of all problems;
  • predictability and intelligibility of communications at all levels, from engineers to top management of the Company;
  • availability and continuous improvement of really functioning product quality management system, specifically in terms of inquiry of claims and engineering documentation management;;
  • development of highly skilled engineering personnel capable of designing and tuning process technologies, redesigning, addressing statistical problems associated with product quality and claims, etc.
  • Sometimes a Russian customer, having placed a manufacturing order with Chinese shoddy manufactories, cheerily informs one and all that in China his orders are executed at extremely cheap costs your ever dreamt of. Yet this customer will regularly face problems related to quality, failure to meet the delivery dates, or the service center is always overwhelmed with complaint letters and returned product lots. This will lead to “freezing” most of current assets at own warehouses or increasing in number of employees thus impairing business manageability and diluting earnings. If such a customer is happy with is business there is no sense to offer him whatever alternative manufacturing in Russia. In 90% of cases the life cycle of such companies never last more than 2 — 3 years.
Contractual manufacturers capable of providing services of highly integrated two or more companies are just a few in Russia. We currently enjoy sufficient stat-of-the-art equipment, well-functioning raw material and component parts supply system, clear process engineering, and flexible general management. We are focused on long-term strategic partnership and ready to employ available facilities, as well as invest into their development in consideration of your demands. We are manufacturing quite large bulk of diverse products and we have attractive terms for raw material and products supply through our own channels.