Sheet metal bending is carried out with the help of special modern equipment which enables to control the entire process and to obtain a finished product which is free of defects and corresponds most strictly to the requirements of the customer.

Bending presses enable to bend sheet metal with a thickness of up to 6mm at a selected angle. Sheet bending presses are used for bending sheet metal components in series production because they are multi-purpose and cost-effective in manufacture of various products. Modern equipment for bending sheet metal enables to significantly reduce the labor intensity, to enhance the bending quality and to broaden the range of products.

Automation of the manufacture of products made from sheet metal contributes to a significant reduction in the time required, to saving in material resources consumption and labor costs during the manufacture.

The Zias-Machinery plant performs high-quality bending of parts having various sizes and configurations, bending sheet metal and pipes with account taken of all the customer's requirements and in compliance with the required technical specifications, rules and standards established for this type of work. All processes are performed using modern equipment and high quality materials.

Roof ridges, jambs, rain gutters, sections and other products obtained by bending of metal have better aesthetic properties and technical characteristics. Bending of metal is a process in which a product assumes the desired shape without welding or other bonding methods that significantly affect the metal structure and reduce its strength and consequently its service life.