Manufacturing dies and pressing molds

Manufacturing dies and pressing molds is one of the prioritized business areas of Zias Machinery. The Company design engineering department is composed of experienced and skilled design engineers who have been designing dies for years both for own Company and Customers.

We manage dies manufacturing from the design concept to their fabrication – the design engineering department produces drawings and all requisite documents, then fabricates parts, assembles dies, and test them.

Dies design will start after you provide us with:

  • Part sample;
  • Part drawing;
  • Part computer model.

When engineering the die design Zias Machinery focuses on strength, resistance, manufacturability, and integrity of dies.

Developing dies and pressing molds over Company utilizes only advanced equipment. We fabricate dies for drawing, bending, and cutting of any complexity. We ensure short terms of fabrication by virtue of own full-cycle production that significantly saves time from the date of Customer request to the dies testing.

We can offer a great variety of fabricated dies and their component parts, specifically: shearing, forming, embossing, restriking, calking, and combined dies.

Zias Machinery will manufacture dies and pressing molds n the basis of your requirements and wishes whether there are drawings available or not (we will design ourselves).