3D Printers ZIAS BPrint are designed for sand casting molds 3D printing
Finished molds in a few hours
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ZIAS Machinery develops and produces 3D printing systems that create sand casting molds layer-by-layer.

The technology allows producing casting molds of any configuration with high speed, accuracy, and reliability for casting ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Benefits of using 3D printing technology

Compared with conventional production

Ability to manufacture products of any configuration with improved quality indicators
Possibility to print several different molds at the same time
Molding hall automation
Reduced production time
Energy saving
Decrease in molding shop area
Acceleration of new products manufacture
Improvement of environmental conditions of production
Conventional production

    2-3 days

    Make a casting pattern


    2 days

    Molding of the casting pattern


    1 day

    Melt the casting pattern out


    1 day

    Baking the casting mold

  • 1 day

    Pour the metal

Manufacturing time 8 days

3D printing

    1 day

    Download the CAD model and print it

  • 1 day

    Pour metal into casting mold

Manufacturing time 2 days

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Application range
Industries taking benefits from 3D printing systems by ZIAS:

Foundry companies

Aeronautics and space industry

Mechanical engineering


Defense complex


Automotive industry

Research and Development
ZIAS BPrint 3D printers are 100% home-grown technology and produced on Russian enterprise.

Affordable consumables for molds.

This reduces the cost of molds compared to molds made on similar equipment and guarantees prompt delivery of consumables.

Why ZIAS BPrint
  • We design and manufacture the equipment ourselves
  • High quality and trouble-free operation of the equipment
  • The software of own development
  • Quick technical support
  • Competitive prices providing quick return on investment and reduction of production costs
  • Free supply / maintenance of equipment
  • No external economic risks
  • Available consumables for printing
  • ZIAS Machinery is ready to modify 3D printers for the customers requirements

3D printers ZIAS BPrint are certified according to quality and safety standards
ZIAS BPrint Maxi

BPrint Maxi is an additive machine which is designed for serial production of casting molds and cores. It can produce up to 2 tons of cores and molds of any complexity in 10-12 hours directly from 3D CAD documentation without making casting patterns. It is especially relevant for productions with a considerable nomenclature of products.

ZIAS BPrint Opti

BPrint Opti - 3D printer for use in producing cores and molds for small-scale production and prototyping and single production of molds. Fully automated technological process.

ZIAS BPrint Mini

This model is the basic modification of the 3D Printer, with has great flexibility in the technological settings, which is especially important for Universities, design offices, and research laboratories.

Allows to research new technological methods to making prototypes, to estimate the castability and workability.

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