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About us
ZIAS Machinery company

ZIAS Machinery Company specialization is manufacturing non-standard production equipment for solving the most complicated engineering tasks. Our equipment successfully works:

  • at metallurgical complexes,
  • at forging plants,
  • on assembly lines,
  • foundries,
  • etc.

In 2016, we developed the technology and launched 3D printers production for additive printing of sand molds.

ZIAS Machinery geographic reach

ZIAS Machinery geographic reach

  • Representational office

    Germany, Cologne

  • R&D Department

    Saint Petersburg

  • Sales office


  • Representational office

    Naberezhnye Chelny

  • Production


Additive technologies

Since 2016 ZIAS Machinery actively develops additive technologies in foundry engineering. Today the factory is the only Russian producer of additive machines of the ZIAS BPrint series used for producing sand molds and cores made of quartz molding sand with furan binder treatment.

  • The core ZIAS Machinery area – sand-polymer molds
  • Our in-house R&D department works in Saint Petersburg
  • Almost 90% of production is localized on our own production in Novoaltaysk
  • In-house software
  • Russian consumables
  • We offer unique design solutions
  • Much more profitable in comparison with analogues.
ZIAS Machinery today:
Innovative production

ZIAS Machinery – is a fast developing factory network. Every day we improve the industrial processes which provide higher quality, production time and prices decrease.

The company’s operation base – is a modern and hi-tech equipment stock, included in a single ERP system. As a result, we achieve total transparency in every order execution.

Professional team

ZIAS Machinery – is a team of professionals. Highly qualified developers, programmers, engineers, production unit, and service department members – are our mainstay. They guarantee the high quality of our products. Every year our company’s workers upgrade their qualification, take part in conferences and forums in Russia and abroad. Also, ZIAS Machinery cooperates with the leading Russian and European polytechnical universities and regularly provides the company with skilled workers.

World quality production and service

The equipment produced in our factories proved itself to be modern, reliable and easy-to-use.

We provide our clients with high-quality service: a full suite of services in starting-up and adjustment, modernization, customer support, and equipment maintenance. We give a warranty on conducted work.

Our equipment works successfully
At metallurgical complexes
At forging plants
On assembly lines

In 2016, we developed the technology and launched 3D printers production for additive printing of sand molds.

During that time we fully set the production process, improved the service, and provided the factory with high-quality workers. Every day we improve the production, our services, expand global footprint and staff up.

The company numbers more than

220 specialists

For questions and offers

Moscow, st. Nametkina 12, buiding A, floor 19

+7 (495) 632-02-56

+7 911-120-41-16

Production: Saint-Peteersburg, dor na Metallostroy 3/2

R&D Department: St. Petersburg, st. Ivana Fomina 6, building A, office 226

+7 (911) 120-41-16