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ZIAS Machinery is the only Russian producer of 3D printers for sand-polymeric molds and cores directly from a digital mock-up. Binder Jetting technology, which is applied to our factory, provides a high speed of printing compared with all 3D printing types available.

Material for molds: quartz sand + adhesive materials based on furan resins.

Maintaining and warranty service.

Inland delay-free procurement of consumables and materials

Quick technical support


  • High quality and trouble-free operation of the equipment
  • The software of own development
  • Ability to manufacture products of any configuration with improved quality indicators
  • Reduced production time
  • Energy saving
  • Molding shop automation
  • Decrease in molding shop area
  • Improvement of environmental conditions of production
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Moscow, st. Nametkina 12, buiding A, floor 19

+7 (495) 632-02-56

+7 911-120-41-16

Production: Saint-Peteersburg, dor na Metallostroy 3/2

R&D Department: St. Petersburg, st. Ivana Fomina 6, building A, office 226

+7 (911) 120-41-16